Mit dem Seekajak durch den Everglades National Park von Key Largo nach Everglades City

Wir kehren dem feucht-trüben, kalten Winterwetter Wiens den Rücken zu und brechen – der Sonne entgegen – ins wohlig warme Florida auf. Wir wollen mit dem eigenen Boot tief in die Wildnis der Everglades vordringen und mit allen Sinnen nach der geheimnisvollen Schönheit der Everglades suchen.

Paddling the Everglades …

… it´s paddling your seakayak over topaz waters across Florida Bay to North Nest Key

…it´s seeing an alligator sunning himself at the banks of shark river

… it´s looking out and seeing nothing but no-see-ums on your tent window

… it´s paddling countless miles into a head wind until your arms ache

… it´s frantically loading your kayak as the mosquitos drive you finish your morning coffee

… it´s running aground onto a mud bar while shortcutting across Broad River Bay

… it´s sitting by a driftwood fire beneath palm trees on Highland Beach

… it´s noticing sharks in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and realizing that your kayak lies awfully close to the water´s suface

…it´s playfully surfing the waves in your seakayak while being blown by a friendly wind to Middle Cape

… it´s watching the sky darken at Shark Point, while you ram down dinner after  a long day of paddling, then racing to the tent as swamp angels buss all around you.

… it´s watching the red fireball of the sun drop into the Gulf of Mexico from Cape Sable

In Anlehnung an „What It´s Like – Paddling the Everglades“ aus „A Paddler´s Guide to Everglades National Park“ by Johnny Molloy

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